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Add mouse functionality, use normal windows events

First, thank you for this GAOTD! I'm new to this, so some of what I suggest may exist, or not make sense in your realm :)

Allow image browsing via mouse wheel, effect controlling, whenever applicable.

your menues go against all that I'm used to. when I click "edit", move the cursor to "undo" and release the mouse, it does nothing under your software. why? what was gained by reinventing the wheel? having your own "look and feel" is nice, but not at the expense of functionality, IMO.

Add a quick before/after view option for adjustments, say with some key or shift-click. especially on the secondary monitor :) . You have it on some adjustments tools, instead of universal.

why does it take 5 seconds for a simple "preference" box to appear, on a modern machine? (i5, 16GB RAM, SDD drive)

when selecting for color adjustment, say the skin tone tool, I should not have to select each and every pixel I want to add the the automatic mask created by the dropper. very tedious! it should be more like photoshop's magic wand tool.

I really like how Undo is limited to just what I did in that one tool.

amit raam , 10.01.2016, 13:24
Idea status: under consideration


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